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    OpenPLi 4-02-2015 Backup
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    Attached is a backup image of OpenPLi for the Vu+ Zero receiver.

    This image has installed:
    Kodi Plugin (updated)
    TS Media Plugin (updated)
    Satellite Editor
    Misc. Plugins and addons

    Video resolution set to 720p, 60 Hz
    All Eastern satellite positions have been removed.
    Hotkey Setting: Green remote button set to show Services list on first press and show Satellites list on second press

    The Satellite Editor has been modified to modify the satellites.xml file from etc/enigma2 instead of etc/tuxbox. This was done in order to keep the satellites.xml from being unintentionally updated during an online image update. The satellite editor has been checked and seems to work except for adding a satellite. You will need to rename an existing satellite instead of adding another one with this modification. The satellites.xml file has been deleted from etc/tuxbox, and installed in etc/enigma2.

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    Awesome image EB with everything I was looking for and I didn't have to adjust my video settings:

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ][Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    10'channel master mesh-gsky lnbf-24"vonweise actuator-pansat ap3500 positioner-Technomate F3/5.

    8'fortec solid-gsky lnbf circular-amiko l104 universal-24"vonweise actuator-vbox 7 positioner-Az box Ultra.

    4'fortec-invacom snh-031 lnbf-24" super jack actuator-vbox 7 positioner-Technomate 5302.

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