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    Hypercube RS232 repair
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    If you need to repair your Hypercube due to a bad boot process, you can use the attached file to bring it back to life.

    It's similar to jtagging but using a rs232 port instead. All instructions are in the enclosed pdf file and txt docs.

    Don't know the author, but a big thanks.

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    The front USB port on my Hypercube failed while an image was being loaded. This caused the receiver to be stuck at "Super Up". The uboot was erased when the receiver was restarted, leaving me with a dead Hypercube.

    Here are my notes on uboot recovery:
    The 2 pin jumper is located next to the 4 pin connector that runs to the front usb port or to the front of the receiver.
    You need a pen drive that has a Known Good Hypercube image of your choice installed on it. You may insert the pen drive into the USB port before or after connecting the jumper. The usb pen drive Must Be installed before the boot bin is transferred!

    A good hyper terminal to transfer the two small files is needed. Some of the older computers will have this.
    If you have a newer computer that is Vista or later, then you may have to install a hyper terminal program. (Google the internet.)

    The RS232 cable between the computer and receiver has to be NULL.

    Send the first file as directed.

    Send the second file, and then about halfway through the second file transfer, press and hold the power and channel+ buttons on the front of the receiver. Continue to hold these two buttons because the receiver will wake up as soon as the second file is finished loading. You may release these two buttons after "Super Up" appears on the Hypercube display.

    After the main file in the usb pen drive transfers and the receiver says to reboot, Unplug the receiver. Then Remove the jumper, and install the receiver's cover. Turn the receiver On and everything should be back to normal.

    Total recovery time for me was about 30-45 minutes. this time includes reading all the attached documents, and making several failed attempts because I did not read correctly or understand the documents. This is about a 15 minute job if you know what you are doing.

    If you need additional Hypercube uboot recovery help, feel free to start a thread EB
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